Advisors serve a vital role in the life of an Eta Kappa Nu chapter. This page contains resources for faculty advisors, industry advisors, graduate student advisors, and other advisors.

If there is a resource that you think is missing, please let us know!

Handbook & Checklist

Faculty advisors are a core component of our advising team within IEEE-HKN. Many chapters do not have industry or graduate student advisors and it falls to the faculty advisor(s) to guide their chpater. The following resources are directed to faculty advisors but are of use to all advisors.


Started in 2017, faculty advisors are invited to two to three virtual meetings each calendar year.

For calendar year 2019, two faculty advisor virtual meetings were held.

The recording for the October 3, 2019 virtual meeting is available here:


The slide deck from March 19, 2019, is available by clicking here. The recording of the March 2019 meeting can be viewed below:

In addition to the virtual meetings, advisors are invited to attend the Student Leadership Conference on November 1 – 3rd at Tufts University in Massachusetts. During this conference a number of advisor specific meetings and sessions will take place.