Hands-On Fundamentals of Robotics:
Begin Preparing for the Age of Automation and the Internet of Things

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Abstract: The growing automation in all aspects of life is increasing the importance for contemporary engineers to be versed in robotics and systems knowledge. We will show you how students can grasp the fundamentals of embedded systems, electromechanical concepts and Internet of Things using the TI-RSLK MAX robotics kit. Robotics is a crucial intersection of multidisciplinary systems engineering that requires expertise in an array of domains. Foundational concepts in robotics and mechatronics are required in the engineer's toolbox to more fully grasp the complexities of automation. Because of the complexity and expense, robotics is a difficult subject to cover in an academic setting and leaves many faculty struggling on a method to expose practical robotics learning to students as early as possible. The TI-RSLK MAX is a platform and curriculum solution from Texas Instruments that makes it more feasible to add robotics to department lab offerings from as early as the first year of engineering to later electives covering sophisticated topics in embedded systems, IoT, sensors, power, controls, signal processing, machine learning, capstone design and more.

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