A Letter from the Alumni Committee Chair

Dear Fellow HKN Alums,

HKN wants to hear from you. Why? Because you carry with you a wealth of knowledge and experience that HKN would like to harness to pass on to the next generation of engineers. HKN currently has over 260 student Chapters at universities around the world. The reports filed by these Chapters show that hearing from alumni and industry leaders is a very beneficial activity. The challenge for these Chapters is finding you. The challenge for HKN is connecting you with these Chapters.  Please contact HKN if you would be interested in talking with or mentoring a local Chapter.

You may be wondering if you have anything of interest to talk about with someone who is still in college. You do. How do I know? In these uncertain times, look around you. The lights are still on, the internet is working, radio and television continue to entertain us, cell phones still connect us to the world and other systems you have designed and built continue to work. These times may not have been in your product specifications, but you built resilient systems that have been carrying us through dark times. That is a story well worth telling.

Please take the opportunity to reconnect with HKN and the next generation.  You will enjoy it.

Stay safe and healthy,

John. M. McWilliams, P.E.
Nu Chapter, Iowa State University

Eminent Member Asad Madni Wins Prestigious Honda Medal

Dr. Asad M. Madni, HKN Eminent Member and Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, was awarded the prestigious 2020 Soichiro Honda Medal by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

The medal, the world’s highest honor for leadership and innovations in personal transportation, recognizes an individual for an outstanding achievement or a series of significant engineering contributions in developing improvements in the field of personal transportation, according to the ASME website. 

The award citation reads: “for outstanding leadership in engineering innovations, particularly the development and commercialization of sensors and systems including the revolutionary microelectromechanical systems GyroChip technology for electronic stability control and rollover prevention in passenger vehicles, which has saved countless lives worldwide.”

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Alumnus Profile: Lisa Boneta

Gamma Alpha Chapter,  Manhattan College

Software Developer at IBM

Being a leader of my college’s HKN Chapter helped me expand my network as an engineer and professional, connecting me to talented colleagues both within and beyond my Chapter. Having an HKN Chapter at Manhattan College played an integral part in bringing our department together with events, such as trivia competitions and tutoring sessions.

Lisa Boneta is a member of the Gamma Alpha Chapter of IEEE-HKN and served as its Vice-President and President while attending university. In her senior year at Manhattan College, Lisa received the college’s Medal for Electrical Engineering. Her published work from her research as a college student was featured in the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IEEE).

Since graduation, Lisa has been a news contributor for All About Circuits and recently began a position as a software developer at IBM in the Z Firmware organization. She also is a member of the HKN Alumni Committee and plans to create an Alumni Chapter at her IBM campus. She currently resides in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. with her dog and is an avid hiker and nature enthusiast.

If you would like to join our Alumni Committee or be featured in or write a piece for the HKN Alumni Newsletter, please email n.ostin@hkn.org.

Amid COVID-19, IEEE-HKN Puts Member Service First

The 2020 theme for HKN has truly been one of resilience and adaptation. As the University experience for many students has transitioned to online courses and events, we continue to ensure that HKN students have a robust Chapter experience.

  • Continue the formation and growth of Chapters: In the past few months, three new Chapters have been formed, and one Chapter has been reinstated. Leaders from established Chapters have mentored our new members, illustrating the strength of the HKN community and the dedication of our members.    
  • Transition the Induction Ritual to a Remote Experience: Every student who has accepted an invitation to join HKN should have the opportunity to take part in the Induction Ritual, and take the same pledge that all of you have taken since 1904. To ensure this can occur, guidance around remote inductions has been created.
  • Virtual Tutoring Center Initiative (VTCI): It is more important than ever to support one another and offer our expertise to our communities. The VTCI ensures that students have access to tutoring resources in the remote environment.
  • Social Activities: HKN has been successfully connecting students. Through virtual events, such as the Online Tetris Competition, students from Chapters throughout the world are able to interact. 
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2020 IEEE-HKN Graduation Celebration Now On-Demand

Celebrating a graduation is a critical milestone for all undergrad and graduate students. It is especially important for HKN students, who have excelled in a rigorous curriculum while dedicating their spare time to volunteer and community service activities. To honor and thank our seniors, IEEE-HKN held its first-ever Online Graduation Celebration last month. It featured our graduating students in a virtual procession, our 2019 Outstanding Chapter Award winners, the 2019 IEEE-HKN Outstanding Student Olivia Hsu, and a conversation betwen 2019 HKN President Dr. Karen Panetta and Dr. Henry Samueli, Chairman of the Board of Broadcom Inc., Chair of Broadcom Foundation, and IEEE-HKN Eminent Member (pictured below). If you missed our live event, or if you want to watch it again, you can! Follow this link to view the Graduation Celebration on-demand.

Call for Memorabilia

If you are downsizing and planning to part with some of your HKN items, such as a Bridge Plaque, don’t toss them, send them to us.

If you would like to donate your Bridge Plaque, a paddle, a bronze casting, photos or other memorabilia, send it to:
IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu
Attn: Nancy Ostin
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854

HKN Merchandise on Sale Now

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