June 2021 Issue

Celebrate Our Chapters and the Great Things They Do!

Our Chapters are capable of amazing things! Come see for yourself by visiting our new YouTube channel, where you will find Year in Review videos produced by our Chapters. While you are there, you can also see if your Chapter was an Outstanding Chapter Award winner for the academic year 2019-2020. These videos and so much more are waiting for you!

Volunteers Wanted! Help Us Build Our
Successful Practices Database

IEEE-HKN has launched a Successful Practices Database, and we need your help!

This resource will provide Chapters with new activity ideas and showcase the great work our Chapters perform.

We currently are seeking volunteers to review Chapter Activity Reports. The time commitment is low, as each reviewer will be given 15 to 20 reports submitted by our Chapters. Volunteers will be asked to review, format and write a description for each activity by aggregating the event description and the post event report.

Reviewers also will be asked to assign activity types (webinar, tech talk, etc.), and to review/edit the activity tags (educational, service, technical, etc.) to improve searchability. Volunteers will receive an instruction sheet and a Google sheet template.

After an initial assignment is complete, each volunteer has the option to request more activities to review. A full job description can be found here.

If you would like to assist us in this new and exciting project, please fill out this form.

You Can Go Back Again  

HKN Nu Chapter Alum Shares Stories and Advice with Current Student Members

Stories of Chapter life, academic pursuits, and where an engineering career could take someone were on the menu when John McWilliams (Nu Chapter) and his wife, Jane, met with current members of the Nu Chapter, Iowa State University, over dinner.

“Dinner with the McWilliams and other Student members of our Chapter was an enjoyable evening, where we not only got a break from studying, but an opportunity to hear John share stories from his life as a professional engineer,” said Chapter President Evan McKinney. “With John we discussed the history of the State of Iowa, history of engineering at Iowa State University, and some hilarious stories from his global travels.”

“It is always interesting to talk to people who were in my shoes once and see how much has changed, or more interestingly, how much has stayed the same,” said Chapter Vice President Felipe Verela Carhalho. “Meeting such an experienced HKN alum like John and his wife, Jane, transcends the HKN experience since it just shows to us, young professionals, how many opportunities we have in front of us and where our job as engineers can lead us to. Furthermore, I say this from all of the HKN members that were present during dinner, just having the opportunity to sit down and talk to an HKN alum, ask questions and share experiences provided us with a great time.”

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The Next Generation of IEEE-HKN

IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Region 3-4 Governor Michael Benson and his son, Brian, look like they are ready to tackle engineering’s Grand Challenges together!

If you have a little one in your life and would like an IEEE-HKN bib, please contact us. We may ask you for a photo in return to share in a future Alumni Newsletter.

The Student Leadership Conference Returns!

Please help us raise US$18,400 and reach more students

IEEE-HKN’s premier leadership development conference for our student members will be held virtually this October, after a year hiatus due to COVID-19. Won’t you help us reach our goal of US$18,400 to produce the best online experience for our worldwide student community? With your help, we can engage more members, build leadership capacity within our Chapters, and build our global community. Conference details coming soon!

Give to the Student Leadership Conference FundClick Here to Inquire About Speaker Opportunities or Corporate Sponsorship

Remembering Dr. Allen Taflove, Faculty Advisor for the Beta Tau Chapter at Northwestern University

Allen Taflove, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northwestern University, who conducted pioneering work in the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, passed away at age 71 on 25 April 2021. He will be remembered for his groundbreaking research and dedication to education and advising.

Taflove’s roots at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering ran deep. He earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. from the school. After serving as a researcher at IIT Research Institute, Dr. Taflove returned to Northwestern and became a full professor in 1988.

He was also the faculty adviser for the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Beta Tau Chapter and an IEEE Life Fellow. 

In research, Taflove developed fundamental theoretical approaches, algorithms, and scientific and engineering applications of the FDTD method computational solutions of the fundamental Maxwell’s equations of classical electrodynamics. He became IEEE’s first fellow for FDTD technique work and received the IEEE Electromagnetics Award. His groundbreaking research has been applied to a vast array of problem areas from interactions of electromagnetic waves with tissues, to low-observable (stealth) aircraft, to fundamental physics.

In recent years, Taflove collaborated with Vadim Backman, Walter Dill Scott Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University, to develop a minimally invasive spectroscopic microscopy technique for detecting early-stage human colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer.  

“Allen was an incredible asset to Northwestern Engineering,” said Randall Berry, chair and John A. Dever Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “He was a great colleague who clearly loved his work and cared deeply about our students. His groundbreaking research helped establish a new field. The dedication and compassion he exhibited as an instructor and adviser impacted many of our students.”

IEEE-HKN’s ‘Best Friends’ Series

The handsome Bruno lets the world know that his human, John McDonald (pictured with his wife, Jo-Ann), is a proud IEEE-HKN member. Pet bandanas are available for large and small pets in the IEEE-HKN store. If you purchase one, please be sure to email us a photo so that we can share it with the HKN Alumni community!

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